Monthly Archives: October 2014

Being me….


Im far from perfect , I do the best I know how to do with what I’ve got…I’ve tried to raise my children the best I could by myself not always doing things perfect but by trial and error. Gave them all the love I had to give. I tried to be the best role model I could. I hope thet know that. And one day maybe they will realize I gave them all I had. I love you Karissa, Donnell, & Tiffani. Love Mom

Grandparents undermining your authority…


My 15 year old daughter just came home with a new phone after having hers taken away a month ago for not doing as she was told. So she walks in my room and proud as can be look what I have…. Trying not to explode I shake my head in acknowledgement. I feel like I was just slapped in the face not only as a parent but as my mothers daughter. The whole thing about putting my daughter on punishment and trying to teach her there are consequences for her actions just went completely out the window. There is absolutely nothing nice and constructive I have to say to my mother. How do I not let this eat me up inside?

Reaching another decade older


Friday was my 40th birthday I know they say you get wiser with age, it seems like I’ve reached a milestone. I’ve taken care of people my whole life it’s time I start taking care of me. I’m not going to be angry about the things I have done for others and the things I’ve given up but it’s my turn. I’ve got one child left at home and show is 15 so soon she will be on her way as well. Again it’s my turn!!!!